Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday Funny's

I really wish I had known about Palin Buzzword Bingo before Thursday night. I'm almost tempted to take one of the boards & re-watch the whole thing just for the fun of it.

That's a really great idea. I may have to host a debate watch party for one of the next two debates so I can play buzzword bingo with friends for both Obama and McCain. BTW, I don't think I like that McCain one; they could've done better. I may make some of my own. It'd have to include:

"My Friends..."
"pork barrel"
"rein in spending"
"Osama bin Laden"
"gates of hell"

... and so on & so forth. :)

I think this may be my favorite FAIL Blog entry yet:

FAIL Gospel

As Christians, we're called to present good news. For the Greek geeks among us: not malangelion, but euangelion. Just a cutesy reminder here that the overall tenor, tone, and mood when we present God’s message must be intrinsically positive. Otherwise, such presentations cease to be GOOD news & by definition not "gospel."

For more of that, you can read my views here starting around page 8.


Lloyd said...

I'm all on board that bingo train. I kind of think it would be fun to do that with the news every night, too. What about new episodes of the Office (but that's sacred ground, isn't it?)

Ah, the joys of fail blog. I appreciate the admonition there for us to recognize that the message is, indeed Eu (p.s. I could be wrong, but I think 'Mal' is a Latin invention... it might be more like "kakanggelion" ;)

How did you get that paper into a nice, tidy pdf file?

Lloyd said...

Oh... and forgive me for this (I am white, after all), but funny's what?

III said...

I'm gonna have to check on the malangelion.

The program is called "PDF reDirect"

Dude. "Funny's." Like the cartoons portion of the newspaper. They call it "the Funny's." Get with the program, whitey

Lloyd said...


afterthesparks said...

I agree with Lloyd. The term "funnies" is completely right then referring to more than one Funny (ie. One comic). seeing as the correct title, "Comics," is not posessive the term "funnies" should not be either. If you argue otherwise, riddle me this: What does the funny own?

Leslie said...

It's funnies, and I'll destroy anyone who says otherwise.

Just kidding. But seriously it's funnies.

Then again, I think they shouldn't be called either. They're comic strips, and while hopefully they are funny, that word should remain an adjective.

III said...

I'll remember this, Lloyd: you sicking all your cronies on me on this. Somehow I'll get you back. You will RUE THE DAY you ever crossed me!

earthenvessel said...

I believe the appropriate word is "funnies" not "funny's" but you can always avoid the debate by just going with "comics"!

Jennifer said...

Umm....sorry, it's definitely funnies :)

afterthesparks said...

I do not appreciate being called one of Lloyd's cronies! We prefer "loyal followers"

Lloyd said...

I'm so proud. Great work, grammer nazis!

Lloyd said...

Oh no... that is way so embarrassing! I tried to stop the post but I'd already hit 'submit'...

Nice work, grammar nazis.

*bows head in shame*

III said...

What was that whole thing about straining out a gnat & swallowing a camel? Hmmmm...

I must say: I feel quite smug & satisfied after that little gaffe. And, YES, you better believe that I spell-checked "gaffe" before I clicked "Publish." :)

Lloyd said...

hahaha... you got me this time. At least I admit freely that grammer is an imaginary word though. : )