Monday, April 23, 2007

Take Me To Your Leader

We aren't a pushpin on the map yet, but we will be soon! Since September 1st, 2006, Justin Sailor has been traveling around the nation in an effort to experience the culture of all 50 states. He is sponsored by JEEP (apparently it's pretty easy, he says -- he had a connection with a professor, wrote a proposal, and -BOOM- JEEP lends him a brand-new 2007 vehicle to trek around the country in).

Justin stayed in my Dad's RV last night & is also there tonight. Tomorrow he will be moving on to the Tampa/St. Pete area. And from there Key West. And beyond that, you'll have to check out his web site to follow his adventures. Today, he chilled with my sister & I some, went to check out Panama City Beach, attended a Bible Study at the Cherry residence, and watched part of a women's softball game.

Check out his adventures at <>.

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Matt said...

Send him our way here in St. Pete! Sounds like you had fun.