Monday, March 12, 2007

My Take on the Madness

My 5/12 Upset:

Long Beach State (over Tennessee)

My Final Four:

Ohio State

My Champ:

Florida disappoints the Buckeyes again


Unknown said...

The word "upset" would not be appropriate here. Florida is the #1 overall team-according to the tourney committee. So they are actually the favorite to win the whole deal.

If, however, you mean "upset" in the way of "disappoint," you are correct. Yet my gut feeling here is that no number of basketball championships could alleviate the pain of 1/08 for many in the Buckeye Nation.

III said...

ummmmmm.... I never used the word "upset." Sorry to rehash painful memories, bob_turner.

Unknown said...

female response:
"Well you didn't say it...but I feel like you did."

Matt said...

That made me laugh.

Go gators!

Matt said...

Good predictions Philip

Mark said...

I don't know where angels sleep. I also don't know why III has decided to take a big break from blogging. Hope all is well!

Mark <><

Matt said...

He is probably gearing up to whoop me in fantasy baseball.

Jordan said...

I do believe this week he is gearing up to attempt to whoop me.

III said...

I'm still alive. My blogging time has been taken up by (#1) preparing to whoop Matthew and Jordan in fantasy baseball & (#2) my Mom having major surgery. I'm happy to report that she is fine, and that the fantasy roster I drafted last week is pretty strong. ;)

I'll be back blogging very soon.