Saturday, November 11, 2006

Power 12: Veteran's Day Edition

1.) Ohio State
2.) Michigan
3.) Arkansas
4.) Notre Dame
5.) Florida
6.) Southern Cal -- I know that the Trojans beat the #3 team on this list, but that was when Casey Dick & Darren McFadden were injured. The Hogs have improved; the Trojans have regressed. Arkansas would take them in a rematch.
7.) Rutgers
8.) LSU
9.) Texas
10.) Wisconsin
11.) Louisville
12.) West Virgnia -- I think that all three of the Big East Big Three could & would beat Auburn.

Sadly, I won't be able to watch next weekend's National Championship game. CBS will be airing the Iron Bowl at the same time ... a little game I like to call "The Greatest Rivalry in all of sports."


Jordan said...

I am personally all about Arkansas in the national bowl title game. They have proven themselves vs too many big time opponents this year.

III said...

Well, if "too many games" is two, then yes. They manhandled both Auburn & Tennessee. Auburn has now been blown out at home twice, but they are still a darn good football team (beat the two most talented teams in the conference: LSU & Florida). The Tennessee win is a little less impressive to me because Ainge couldn't play. STILL, that is no excuse for how Arkansas tore Tennessee's defense a new one. The very same Tennessee defense that made Cal's "vaunted offense" look like a bunch of girls back in September.

Arkansas' biggest tests lie ahead of them. I'm not sure their defense has really been tested yet. As bad as Alabama is this season, our sophomore QB completed 80% of his passes against the Hogs. And that game was IN Fayetteville. Arkansas should not have won that game. And though the Hogs are white hot right now (as I've rewarded them in the Power 12), I still have a hard time shaking that image of who Arkansas is out of my head completely. With the athleticism & speed of both LSU and Florida, we will know what their defense is REALLY made of before it's all said and done.

If they pass those tests, no doubt in my mind that Arkansas deserves the BCS Championship Game over a one-loss ND/USC. Still haven't made my mind up about Rutgers, though ...

Anonymous said...

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