Saturday, December 06, 2008

Power 12: The Heartbreaker Edition

1.) Florida
No doubt in my mind who is the best team in football. Nor is there any doubt who is the best player in college football HISTORY. If he wins 2 Heisman's & 2 National Championships, he has to go pro doesn't he? If it isn't a rule, it should be. (g)

2.) Alabama
I'm extremely proud of the Tide. As tough as the loss is, it's even more fun just to be in a position again where your heart IS on the line & can be broken. It's no fun being irrelevant.

Also, no other coach squeezed as much out of what he had in the cupboard than Nick Saban this year. 12-0 in the regular season in the SEC, including road wins at Athens, Knoxville, and Red Stick, was quite a feat.

3.) Oklahoma
Going out on a limb because the game isn't over yet, but I'm not staying up for the ending.

Even though I have them ranked #3, I'm not arguing for an Alabama/Florida re-match in Miami. OU deserves the title shot. It's just that I don't believe that they, or anyone else, can play UF as tough as Alabama did tonight, so you'll forgive me if I play the homer & keep my Tide at #2.

4.) Texas
5.) Texas Tech
6.) Southern California
7.) Utah
8.) Penn State
9.) Ohio State
10.) Oklahoma State
11.) Georgia Tech
12.) Boise State

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