Saturday, January 20, 2007

Empty Saturday's

If you do the MySpace thing, I've just recently thrown myself in the fray. Click here to go check me out. And please let me be on your buddy list. PLEASE! Don't make me beg.

I've long resisted this teenie-bopper web trend. But alas, no more. Still, I'm sure by signing up for this I am put on some kind of US Government Pedophilia Watch List or something.

I've lost one of my weekend religions. College Football is no more. No more fuzzy-screened Lincoln Financial "SEC Game of the Week" broadcasts at 11:30. No more Vern Lundquist belly laugh's at the Aflac duck. No more 'Bama football. No more.

It was almost a relief when the season actually ended for Alabama almost 2 months ago. Losing is tough on fans who ride out even the hard times. I was glad it was finally over. But now that we have Nick Saban in the house, I'm ready to go again. I'm stoked for next season already. And it's tough to flip on the tube & only see basketball.

So, anyway, I went to YouTube for my fix this morning. This is a recording from when Alabama defeated Tennessee at home in 2005. We were literally inches away from losing the game before a Tennessee player fumbled the ball through the endzone for a touchback. Alabama then proceeded to drive down the field & win the game with a last minute field goal. 6-3. It is the most recent high-water mark for Alabama Football.

Also, I've posted a video from that same afternoon of the favorite post-game tradition of every Alabama fan: The Rammer Jammer. Not the classiest of cheers, but fun nevertheless! Be sure & listen for the woman at the beginning of the clip who exclaims, "We WEEEEEEEIIINN!!" Good stuff!

So here it is in two parts:

Game Highlights

Post-Game Celebration

The Rammer Jammer

Hey Vols ... Hey Vols ... HEY VOLS!
We just beat the HELL OUT OF YOU!
Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer
Give 'em HELL, Alabama!

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Jordan said...

The ole Rammer Jammer never gets old...