Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A God Touch

Ever have one of those moments or experiences where you sense that God was speaking directly to you? I always appreciate those. Even if it's just a traffic jam & I get the sensation that God is saying, "Slow down," I appreciate those.

I got one tonight. We were worshipping before Bible Study, and I was leading worship. I love leading worship... mainly because I get to pick the songs, and so I know that (from my perspective) we won't be singing any duds. (G)

(Control Freak. Remember?)

Anyways, even though I was pleased to be leading singing, I had arrived at church in one of my morose moods. I get these from time to time. Not all the time, or even most of the time. Just every once in a while. It's like I'm saying to the world, "I'm a loner. I'm mysterious. I'm unique. I'm complex. Tonight I'll be morose & you won't be able to figure me out." In all honesty, it's really a bit punk-ish.

So anyhow, all of that is going on in the background when I come to the song I picked to lead before opening prayer: "This is my Father's World." Man, what a great song. There are a few songs in this world that bring me to a state of tranquility. That Acappella song, "Peace." Yeah. You know what I'm talking about! Also, whenever I hear Jennifer Knapp sing "A Little More" ... ahhhhhhhh, I just want to melt. Good warm fuzzy feelings of tranquility. "This is My Father's World" is one of those songs. "Yessssssss ... it's God's world. He's in control. He's faithful. Things are working out for good. Ahhhhhhh ...."

So I'm leading the song. Worshipping God. Still in my punky morose mood. When we come to the last half of the final verse:

This is my Father's World
Why should my heart be sad?
The Lord is King: Let the Heavens Ring!
God Reigns: Let earth be glad!

That was like a nice little swift kick in the rear from God. "Come on, Philip. Quit being a punk. You've got a lot to be joyful about. How about you quit being so narcisistic, focusing on your own feelings, and maybe do a little ministry tonight? Huh? How about we do a little bit of that? Would that be alright with you?"


I appreciated that.

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