Saturday, November 08, 2008

Power 12: The No Respect Edition

We're just lucky, I guess

1.) Alabama
If you listen to "the experts" speak, you'll hear them keep on emphasizing how Alabama isn't very impressive and probably won't even make it to the BCS Championship Game. I guess 'Bama doesn't get any style points for having Sara Evans & Eva Longoria on the sideline last week. Meanwhile, in workmanlike fashion, Alabama keeps on finding ways to win the very games that the so-called "better teams" keep on losing. Last week it was Texas; this week it was Penn State. But Alabama stands tall at 10-and-0 in the SEC.

2.) Texas Tech
They look impressive in their scrimmages. I wonder what would happen if they had to play against a defense.

3.) Florida
4.) Texas
5.) Southern California
6.) Oklahoma
7.) Utah
8.) Penn State
9.) Georgia
10.) Missouri
11.) Ohio State
12.) Oklahoma State

Dropped Out

LSwho? and TCU-later


Jordan said...

If TCU played in the Big12 (like they should), we would not have to have these silly phantom rankings in the poll for them. That conference gets too much credit every year. (The statue of liberty play did not help my case).

I keep hearing that Florida is the best team in the country "right now" over and over again. If that is the case, then hopefully they will not underrate the Tide after the SEC Title Game is over.

Pete Carroll hates your rankings...

I would love to see the Texas Tech vs Alabama game at the end of the season. Such contrasting styles...

III said...

- I'm not gonna bash on TCU. The team they lost to hasn't lost a game yet. They were the only mid-major I had in the power 12 primarily because they seem to be the only school among those few schools that plays good defense. Since Utah beat them, they got my respect & entered the rankings this week.

- Yeah, Florida is probably playing the best ball right now. Too bad for them that we aren't playing the SEC Championship right now -- it's a month from now. Will they start believing too much in their own press clippings? We'll have to wait & see

- The Red Raiders & Tide played just a few short years ago in the Cotton Bowl. Defense beat offense that day. I agree that it would be fun to watch that match-up in the BCS Championship. Nick Saban with a month to prepare for Mike Leach; Mike Leach with a month to prepare for Nick Saban. It'd be awesome.