Saturday, November 01, 2008

Power 12: The "Crabtree Took My Breath Away" Edition

1.) Alabama
I didn't see it, but on ESPN's College Gameday, apparently Chris Fowler stated that an undefeated Alabama team would be an underdog to a one-loss Florida team if they both were to advance to the SEC Championship Game. I wish I could describe how much I appreciate that the media is down on the Tide. And the only reason they'll be ranked #1 is seemingly by default -- begrudgingly.

2.) Penn State
3.) Texas Tech
What a WIN! If you missed this game, you missed the game of the year in college football. Michael Crabtree... unbelievable.

This is the one team that I had not given much in terms of respect for most of the season. They've earned it. But they'll be on letdown alert this week versus Okie St.

4.) Florida
They skunked Georgia in the 2nd half. It's pretty evident how Georgia can kind of give up if you demoralize them enough.

5.) Texas
6.) Southern California
7.) Oklahoma
8.) Oklahoma State
9.) Texas Christian
10.) Georgia
11.) LSU
12.) Missouri

Dropped Out

Florida State
What a heart-breaking way to lose.

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