Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Three Levels Updated

Back in June I wrote an entry about The Three Levels of MLB Druggies. Today's news bumps A-Rod all the way to level one from level three.

BTW, chalk up another one on the board for the sleezeball known as Jose Canseco. When he points the finger, it seems he gets it right. Though, it could be a case that it doesn't matter who he points the finger at. Like playing Russian Roulette with a fully-loaded pistol.

Who else needs to be added to these lists?

Level 1: "You juiced; I'm saying it; sue me if you don't like it. I'm not accusing them -- I'm saying it as a matter of FACT!"

Barry Bonds
Mark McGwire
Jose Canseco
Sammy Sosa
Rafael Palmeiro
Chuck Knoblauch
Bret Boone
Roger Clemens
Jason Giambi
Eric Gagne
Alex Rodriguez

Level 2: "I'm not saying as matter of fact that they did it, but I am saying that I'd like to play prosecutor in a case against them."

Lots of red flags around these guys, including radical weight changes, radical statistical changes, ridiculously amazing statistics, total career turn-arounds, and the like.

Ivan Rodriguez
Manny Ramirez
Miguel Tejada
Pete Rose
Nomar Garciaparra
(Career went downhill with a wrist injury -- something about a split tendon & damage to the tendon sheath.)

David Ortiz
(Just hit the DL with a split tendon sheath in his wrist. Did they have this injury back in the 1960's?)

Mike Piazza
(Freakish numbers for a guy who played a rigorous position in pitcher's parks, and was originally drafted in like the 60th round of the MLB draft.)

Travis Hafner
(Great numbers one year, falls off the map the next year)

Level 3: Not saying they did it as a matter of fact, and not sure one could prove it in a court of law

Pedro Martinez
(Had an awfully amazing fastball to come from such a scrawny body. And originally had a hard time getting MLB scouts to notice him.)


Sara Blouin Taylor said...

Aw, Nomar and Papi? :(

Canseco was my favorite, way back in the day. Like, when I was 9.

III said...

No, of course they never juiced.

And "Floyd" has a future in hip-hop.

Dan said...

At least A-Roid has the sense enough to admit it and move on, like Andy Pettite, and not have accusations hounding him like Rawger.

III said...

Just watched the interview, Dan. It felt very Pettite-like. I have NO DOUBT he was coached by his agent and/or other P.R. folks -- he was reciting talking points & creating a very positive storyline for himself in the midst of the steroid era. It's typical A-Rod -- I get no impression at all that there is authenticity in what he says.

I just don't believe him. And I'm about 95% sure that there will be another shoe drop in the A-Roid saga, because that's the way it's been for Bonds, McGwire, and Clemens.

III said...

Lots of strange face gestures that are evidence of being nervous. Touching his nose -- a LOT! Licking his lips. Quick twitches with his lips while he's speaking. Shifty eye movement while he's speaking, as if he's being very careful about how he says what he says.

Compare the ESPN OTL interview with Kirk Radomski & this interview. Night and day.

III said...

He's been caught in at least two lies already in my mind:

1.) He slandered SI reporter Selena Roberts in saying that she was stalking him & was cited by Miami Police. She released a statement vehemently denying each of the accusations.

2.) He claims he didn't know what he was taking. People who have working knowledge of the particular drugs he tested positive for are insistent that this is EXTREMELY unlikely. Very hard to believe.

Jordan said...

Believe it or not, I consider investigative reporters to be worse scum than juiced players...

Maybe its just me.

III said...

Still bitter over Nixon, Jordan? ;)

I'm fascinated at how you & I are seeing this whole deal from entirely different perspectives