Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Haven for the Broken

I think I love just about everything about this news story here: you've got ministry, BASEBALL, the little scrappy guy who's the underdog trying to run with the big dogs, the guy who takes his fortune & does something honorable with it. This is GREAT!...

I wish there were more efforts like this. I just love this. I know that we've got a couple kids in our church family who came from a background like a lot of those kids: beaten up, abused. You just wanna love on 'em & build them up so that they'll have a chance at life.

Point of fact, one of them was baptized just a couple weeks ago at church camp. We're so excited for him.

Anyway, that story warmed my heart. I had to share. That's Kingdom work happening right there. And I wanna say that you don't even have to mortgage your home or max out your credit cards to do it yourself. Just look around & see kids down on their luck, and love on them. It'll do you a world of good.

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Jonathan Storment said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing this Phillip. And also, I wanted to tell you, your post on Conspiracy Theorist and your mother was great. I talked about it with several of my friends at work. I know that may have been hard to revisit and share, but it really did help a lot, and it was a well-written warning about basing any worldview on fear. Thanks for sharing!