Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Last Final Goodbye Kiss

So it strikes me that, as fans, our relationships with athletes are fleeting. They don't last. It is impossible for them to last. Athletes grow old & they retire. Unless, that is... well, I'll spare you the token Brett Favre joke.

These relationships with athletes are going to occur over a set period of time. And some of these relationships may be incredibly thrilling! But they will end.

For the very BEST of these athletes, it's like dating an incredible kisser. It's a THRILL to be with that person, because they deliver knockout kisses. Unbelievable kisses. Long, wet kisses that you just lose yourself in. But, also, there are issues with this person that prevent this relationship from ever lasting. You know that the relationship isn't going to last. Still, you try to savor each kiss along the way, because they are such a thrill.

And so that's why, to me, Big Papi's walk-off homerun last night at the Fens (the 10th of his career) felt a lot less like old times and a lot more like one last final goodbye kiss. And that from one of the best kissers of all time.

Thanks for the memories, Papi. I love you, big guy.

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Lloyd said...

I feel dirty now.