Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Vince Vaughn captures my sentiments, and probably those of just about every Red Sox fan, right now following the 4-game molestation at the hands of the Yanks...

... minus the vulgar mouth, of course. (g) Except for the rest of Red Sox nation: they're mouths are probably much more colorful & coarse.

So baseball season is over me now. I'm gonna throw myself into 'Bama practice reports. I've only played 3 rounds of golf this year, so it's probably time to hit the links with a vengeance. And I'll probably be avoiding Yankee fans as I fill out my foursome.

But I'll be back after September. I love the playoffs too much. And I suspect that there'll be plenty of Yankee-hating to indulge in.

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