Sunday, September 27, 2009

Power 12: The Concussed Edition

I know this is gonna sound insensitive at first, but I hope Tebow is never the same. I really do. Urban Meyer has been getting away with keeping his starters in too long for years now. He hasn't paid for it with a major injury before. But he looked like he was gonna break down in tears yesterday. And I'll say it because no one else is: it's not classy. It's not classy, Urban Meyer, when you continue to trash talk about a team you just beat -- and barely, even though they were woefully out-manned. It's not classy to keep the golden boy in when Kentucky is impotent to score even half of what you already have on the scoreboard. It should've been an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on every play that Tebow took a snap in the 2nd half. Because that's what this behavior is: unsportsmanlike.

So let's all dispense with the "Urban Meyer is classy" nonsense. Sure, maybe he doesn't grab his visor & squirm on every other play like the old Gator ballcoach. But if that's your standard of "classy," Gator fans, then I'm gonna say you guys have low standards.

I'm not even sure why we even feel the need to brag about how classy our football coaches are anyway. We pay these men to motivate & discipline teenagers to go out in front of tens of thousands and rip the other team's head off. What's classy about that? Heck, some say Gene Stallings was the classiest coach Alabama ever had. But that never stopped him from dog-cussing referee's whenever a call didn't go the Tide's way. And that's what he should've been doing; that's his job.

But running up the score? Psh. You get what you deserve, Meyer. And that's a Tebow who may never be the same bull of a quarterback. Your judgment cometh, and that right soon!

[/ diatribe]

I'm feeling fired up! I'm gonna be bold today...

1.) Alabama : All everyone said all week about 'Bama/Arky was that the Hogs were an unstoppable force of an offense that was led by the best offensive guru in football and a gigantic cannon-armed quarterback. Well, unstoppable force, meet the immovable object. Alabama's defense handled them to the tune of 7 points & 254 yards of total offense. They made Arkansas' special offense look short-bus special.

Plus, Alabama beat the Hokies, who have looked dang good since then. The more I watch the cream of the crop in the SEC (that'd be the state Universities of Alabama and Florida), the more this doesn't feel like 2008 anymore.

2.) Florida : Get well soon, Timmy. Wouldn't want you to miss our date in December.
3.) Texas : if they win out, they're in the Championship Game no questions asked. They may even could drop one between now & the Big XII Championship game and still get the sympathy vote. The Longhorns look like they have a date with an SEC Champion in their future.
4.) Boise State
5.) Virginia Tech
6.) Miami : Blame it on the rain.
7.) Houston : The latest non-BCS darling.
8.) Oklahoma State
9.) Oregon
10.) LSU
11.) USC
12.) Georgia : The cardiac kids of 2009.

Dropped Out: Penn State, Cal, and Ole Miss

I'm embarrassed that I caved & ranked Ole Miss in the top 10 last week. I knew I should've trusted my instincts. PSU & Cal are sure to be back up in the Power 12 before long, especially if those Cal Bears knock off those Trojans in 6 days.


Dan said...

Philip, you took the words right out of my mouth re Urban Meyer. Well-said.

I was watching one of those analysis shows, I forget which one, and they considered it inexplicable that Tebow would be in this game. The only sense they could make is that maybe Urban was doing a little Heismann campaigning. Even that is just unclassy to me.

What goes around, comes around, Urban.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can see no reason to let a guy with the flu be playing in that game. I don't care about UF winning (or anyone, for that matter), but I do think it's a *little* mean to say you hope Tebow is never the same... i mean football is not the only thing in his life, even if it seems like it right now.