Monday, September 07, 2009

Power 12: Executive Suite Edition

It was an unprecedented vacation. I played 90 holes of golf in 4 days. And I finished that little run in style, with the final 18 coming at the #1 ranked public course in Alabama. And if that wasn't enough, I got to witness my Tide beat up the Hokies in person. And I did that in style, too: my Uncle got me into an executive suite luxury box in the Georgia Dome. It was entirely as cool as it sounds. On to the 12...

1.) Florida : Sorry Matt. You don't get free Chick-Fil-a for beating Charleston Southern.
2.) Texas
3.) USC
4.) Alabama : "You were beautiful, Atlanta. See you again in 3 months."
5.) Oklahoma State : Looked impressive against my lousy-looking sleeper pick
6.) Boise State : nice win. But Oregon didn't look the same offensively without Bellotti.
7.) Georgia Tech : my bias is showing here. I just love watching Paul Johnson's offense do their thing.
8.) BYU
9.) Penn State
10.) LSU
11.) Ohio State
12.) Georgia

Dropped Out: Oklahoma and Virginia Tech

Sorry Sooners. Call back when you have a QB.

Florida & Texas are the top dogs. Those two are entrenched until they do something to prove they don't belong.

USC and Alabama are the 2nd tier elite. Boy, how embarrassing would it be for the Big 10 if the Trojans waltz into the Horseshoe this weekend with a TRUE freshman quarterback and just have their way with the Buckeyes? That might happen. If it does, USC will get the bump back up to the top tier. Alabama will have to prove they can play in the other 3 quarters of a game before they make the leap up.