Sunday, September 13, 2009

Power 12: Reunion Weekend Edition

It's not often you get to see two totally different sets of people that you haven't seen in a decade. Friday night, it was the first event of a weekend-long High School Reunion. Everyone bowled. I "bowled." (Note the appropriate use of quotation marks... unlike all of the examples of the inappropriate use of quotation marks posted at this site) I think we all had a merry time together that night.

And then I drove down to Gainesville (my old campus ministry friends call it Titletown) to spend the day with a bunch of cocky Gators. They made fun of my crimson shirt. I just kept muttering to myself, "Enjoy it while you can..."

On to my 12

1.) Florida
2.) Texas
3.) USC : never (EVER!) bet against Pete Carroll in big games.
4.) Alabama : can I say that I like this quarterback? McElroy can sling it!
5.) Boise State
6.) BYU
7.) Georgia Tech
8.) Penn State
9.) LSU
10.) Virginia Tech
11.) Oklahoma State
12.) Georgia

Dropped Out: Ohio State

Sounds like it was a heart-breaker, Bob.

So here's what it looks like to me right now. You've got the top 4: they're the elite. They each have elite talent. And though each will be tested along the way, it looks like none of them should lose unless they beat themselves.

Then you've got the two non-BCS conference schools up to no good. They actually both look pretty good.

And then there's the rest of the field. We'll learn a little more about the Wramblin' Wreck when they travel down to Miami this week. Penn State we probably won't learn anything about until October. Same with LSU.

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