Sunday, October 25, 2009

Power 12: The Birthday Heart Attack Edition

Written Saturday night: I still don't know how to process the 'Bama/Tennessee game. I feel like I just missed getting T-boned by a semi in an intersection. And I can't figure out how or why I'm still alive. I don't know. I don't know what you do after that.

Written Sunday morning: I guess you go live your life to the fullest, right? You go win a championship. Alabama is still alive. Something tells me that could be bad news for the rest of the teams left on the schedule.

1a.) Florida : must be nice having so many referee calls go your way
1b.) Alabama : if ever a football team needed a bye week
3.) Texas
4.) Boise State
5.) Iowa
6.) Oregon
7.) USC
8.) Georgia Tech
9.) Cincinnati
10.) TCU : Okay, Horned Frog fans. Here's your ranking.
11.) LSU
12.) Virginia Tech

Dropped Out: Miami

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