Sunday, October 04, 2009

Power 12: The 'Thank God Its October' Edition

I love this month. It's my favorite month of the year. I wish this month were 3 months long. I can't ever get enough. The great border war rivalries are coming up this month, too: Florida/Georgia, Alabama/Tennessee, Oklahoma/Texas. And this coming week, it's Judgment Day in the SEC: Florida/LSU, Alabama/Mississippi, Auburn/Arkansas. Who would've realized Georgia/Tennessee would mean so little???

It starts getting good in October!

1.) Alabama
2.) Florida
3.) Texas
4.) Boise State
5.) Virginia Tech
6.) Miami : I kept them at #6 last week. They proved worthy against OU.
7.) Oklahoma State
8.) Oregon
9.) LSU
10.) USC
11.) Iowa
12.) Auburn : just for you, Faris. Y'all keep it up, and maybe our rivalry will mean something again.

Dropped Out: Georgia (again) and Houston


Jonathan Storment said...

I need to confess bitterness to you Phillip. Seeing as how you are an Alabama fan, I have been boycotting your blog since two Saturday's ago. Since the Hogs won Saturday I've begun to heal enough to re-visit. But healing is process.
PS. at the end of the Arkansas/A&M game we started to chant SEC.

III said...

Sorry buddy.

I know you're kidding (partially), but it's sad that I know folks who let their fanhood actually tarnish relationships. I know one Arkansas fan from way back that I'm convinced thinks worse of me as a person since 'Bama hired Nick Saban. Fans of other schools that seem like they'd prefer to stew & hate me rather than try to deal with their fanhood complex. Weird stuff.

I do know others, though, who even if they don't like 'Bama are happy for me when the Tide do well. There are more of these folks than the others I mentioned. Those folks tend to be better people in general anyway.

Tribalism is alive in the 21st century! :)

I'll be rooting for your Hogs this weekend, Storment. You guys go beat up on Auburn for us. (Apologies to Faris)