Monday, October 26, 2009

Rocky Block

One of my professors at college was real entertaining in class on certain days. On those certain days, he would get us laughing pretty hard. And then every once in a while he would slip in a joke that was kind of awkward. And after we didn't laugh, he'd say, "Some things I do just for me."

Well, this blog entry is just for me. What follows are various pictures and videos of what is destined to go down in paint as "The Block."

FWIW, I think it's shameful that the band struck up with Rammer Jammer after this win. Seems like you gotta earn playing that. Especially when you're going to shout at the top of your lungs, "WE JUST BEAT THE HELL OUTTA YOU!" Pretty ridiculous that we went with it.

Here's the picture Daniel Moore may use for his next iconic painting:

Here it is at a higher resolution, but not wide angle:

And here's the picture I love the most: Julio Jones consoling Terrence Cody.

That one photo sums it all up for me. After Tennessee recovered that onside kick, EVERYONE thought it was over. Done. The dream of a perfect season. Maybe the dream of a National Championship. Perhaps even the dream of a shot at Florida again. At moment, it was all slipping away. Tennessee got in field goal range, Lane Kiffin was pumping his fist on the sidelines, and we all felt sick. The dream was dead. But Terrence Cody cared too much to let it end like that. Terrence Cody wanted it more.

And yet, despite the sheer exhilaration immediately following that play, the sorrow of what seemed like an inevitable loss still hung over the place. And after running & jumping around like a wild man, Terrence Cody simply started crying as if he'd just rescued his only child from oncoming traffic. Coach Saban commented in his post-game presser about how fragile a season is. Everyone felt it in that moment. Terrence Cody personifies it in that picture.


I love this team. Beyond wins and losses, I love the players. I love their stories. Every week there's something new that I learn about them & find another reason to love these guys. That's all I can say: I just love 'em.


Jonathan Storment said...

Glad your weekend sports turned out better than mine. Loved the pictures and video Phillip, you're like the Rick Reilly of 'Bama football, taking us behind the stories. Now if you'd only branch out to other worthy teams in the SEC west.

III said...

Just loving my team out loud, man.

Lloyd said...

You can't help but feel a little emotional when a man that big is crying.

Ed Ellis said...

Here's that Horned Frog again!
They could beat Bama and Florida on successive week-ends.
No brag, just facts.
By the way,did you catch your own
Columnist in his rant exposing the whole SEC Ploy?
Here's the date and CBS Writer