Sunday, November 01, 2009

Power 12: The All Saints Day Edition

... because technically Halloween is over.

Not as much separation between those top 2 teams and the rest of the field now. I could see any of the top 10 teams playing for a National Championship. Those top 2 teams have been playing like they're feeling the pressure of an undefeated record. And the November slate looks tough for both of them.

1a.) Florida
1b.) Alabama : folks talk about how other teams' wins are more impressive or stylish. But there's a lot to be said for just winning. Especially in the SEC. Even with 4 BCS Champions this decade, Alabama did something last week that only one other team has done in the SEC this decade: win 5 conference games in a row. This is why the SEC gets the respect it does: because you take a physical pounding week in and week out, and it's most rare to come away with W's in all those games. You don't get to play cupcakes every other week like in the other conferences. So if you can survive the gauntlet & keep advancing, then frankly you're one of the nation's elite teams.

3.) Texas
4.) Boise State : they have the BEST win of anyone in the country. I wonder if anyone besides this silly little poll will give them any credit for it.
5.) Oregon : I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that the Power 12 had Oregon ranked higher than USC ever since September 27th.
6.) Iowa
7.) Texas Christian : only because they play better defense than the #8 team.
8.) Georgia Tech : I do love watching that offense.
9.) Cincinnati
10.) LSU : as low-ranked as they are, it's incredible to think that they control their own destiny to make it to the National Championship game if they win out. Of course, that would mean beating Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Florida. Tall task.
11.) Pittsburgh : best football team in Pennsylvania?
12.) Penn State

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech and USC

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