Sunday, November 22, 2009

Power 12: Rivalry Week Edition

They say throw out the record books for these games. Instead, can we throw out the cliche's? The best teams usually win these games, right? I can name only three times in the last 20 years where the best team going into the Iron Bowl didn't win. It's probably about the same for Florida & Florida State.

Both are dangerous games this year. Both underdogs have just enough offense on their good days to scare you. Both teams will be loose & can throw the kitchen sink at their rival in terms of tricks. But also, both have a penchant for beating themselves. Should be good games.

1.) Alabama
2.) Florida
3.) Texas
4.) Texas Christian
5.) Georgia Tech
6.) Boise State
7.) Cincinnati
8.) Pittsburgh
9.) Oregon
10.) Ohio State
11.) Ole Miss
12.) Virginia Tech/Clemson : couldn't decide

Dropped Out: LSwho?

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