Sunday, November 15, 2009

Power 12: The 'This is Getting Boring' Edition

Survive & advance. It's a 12- or 13-game playoff, and you just gotta keep showing up and winning every one of them.

Blah blah blah.

The top teams keep on grinding out victories: some of them tough & hard-earned, some of them comfortable. And of that top echelon, the NCAA appears very top-heavy this season. It's been a somewhat boring season this year (aside from the September upheval) because there aren't any earth-jarring upsets that shake-up the top of the rankings & foretell BCS doomsday scenarios. We've still got undefeated teams galore, and some very Championship-worthy one-loss teams.

1.) Alabama : defense dominated the Dan Mullen Spread. Hmmmm...
2.) Florida : the OBC made them sweat. But Florida's killer instinct is impressive.
3.) Texas
4.) Texas Christian
5.) Georgia Tech
6.) Boise State
7.) Cincinnati
8.) Pittsburgh
9.) LSU
10.) Stanford : 3 losses, but they rolled up 50+ points in back-to-back weeks against the Mighty Ducks & the Men of Troy. They're playing as well or better than any of the other also-rans.
11.) Oregon
12.) Ohio State

Dropped Out: Iowa and Miami

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