Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In Chains

Mere ChristianityCurrently Reading:
Mere Christianity
Written By:
Clive Staples Lewis

Pretty good so far. He has a pretty good pulse on human nature, which is what he opens with. Also, I'm pretty excited that this book has a World War II slant, as this book was originally a series of radio addresses that C.S. Lewis made during the war. I will comment when something makes me have to think out loud.

Won't be blogging this weekend. Going with my Dad up to Birmingham, AL for a weekend of RVing & golf. No WiFi where we're going, which is mostly a good thing for me I think.

Had a strange dream that has lingered with me quite a while today. I don't remember most of the dream, but I remember the part right up to where I woke up. I was sitting in a seat in an auditorium with a group of guys, and all of a sudden some prison guards come in to clap us in irons and lead us away to be processed in a prison. It was the kind of cuffs that it goes around your neck, and then a string of metal dangles down & connects to hand cuffs. Not sure whether or not there were ankle cuffs -- don't remember. But then I was following somebody out into a courtyard in chains, and there was a point where the four people I was following had to stop. They found a 4-seat table to sit at, and I had to stand there behind them. They looked up at me smiling, and then I looked up and around and there were other inmates in jumpsuits sitting at 4-person tables, and I was the only one standing. I remember thinking, "I don't know what I did to get in here, but I deserve what I got." And, "I'm not sure how long I'll be here, but it's at least going to be for 5 or 6 months."

Strange dream. And I'm one of those who believes that dreams have something to do with one's subconscious. So I'm thinking it means that I'm feeling guilty enough about something that I need to be punished, or that I'm feeling trapped or hemmed in by something in life. So these thoughts have been haunting me today.

From stabbing my grandfather & poisoning my grandmother (both of whom are already deceased) in a dream a couple months ago, to this, I have some FREAKY dreams, huh?

Having some mellow time this afternoon. Instead of watching talking heads debate sports topics, I've listened to a little Bebo & am currently listening to my Pandora station. Calming me down some.

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