Saturday, June 17, 2006

No Mere Book on Grace

Mere Christianity is starting to bore me. It's a difficult book to sit down & read for chapters at a time for pleasure. Not giving up, though. Yet. Will keep trying to slog through a chapter at a time.


I love Johnny Miller. I miss Ken Venturi doing commentary for CBS -- he was the best. Now that he's gone, Johnny is the best. Hopefully he hangs around for a while.


So, since Mere Christianity has been so tough to work through, I picked up & started to read What's So Amazing About Grace? EXCELLENT book so far! Some very good writing in this book. There is some showiness, as well -- it's like literary narcissism, and it's distasteful to me. But there is also some very good, sermon-inspirational writing. Value- & worldview-changing writing. You can tell that he took time to think before putting pen to paper.

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