Sunday, June 18, 2006

What a Great Day

It was a great Father's Day.

Dad & I woke up, cleaned up, got dressed, and went for breakfast at The Cracker Barrel. And it was delicious.

We then drove down to Montgomery from Oak Mountain State Park to worship at the Landmark Church of Christ. When we arrived, I was disappointed to learn that Buddy Bell wouldn't be there to preach that morning. This guy is usually more reliable than Cal Ripken, Jr., and the one day I show up he's not there. Oh well. It was a fine worship service, and the visiting speaker (who works for Focus on the Family) delivered a fine lesson.

Dad & I then went for lunch at Longhorn's. He loves the "Southwestern Shrimp" appetizer that they have, so he enjoyed lunch.

We then returned to Oak Mountain in time to catch most of the final round of the U.S. Open. We watched it from the club house of the state park's golf course. They had a big screen TV, and Wi-Fi. Unbelievable how Phil & Monty both choked. I think Monty's was more painful to watch, seeing as how he made his double bogey from the fairway. A pure choke. Phil's was still a choke, but more out of dumb club & shot selection than shear muscle-lockup. Good for Geoff Ogelvie, though. On a course that requires steadiness, he was the epitome of that. Some say he backed into that victory; I say he won it the only way you can win that tournament.

We then left & went to my cousin Barry's house to enjoy some dessert and company. As soon as I walked in, Barry's kids -- Dylan, Danielle, and Dallas -- latched on to me & wanted to play. Especially Dallas -- what an awesome little boy. I played Nintendo with Dylan, drew pictures with Danielle, and wrestled with Dallas. Got an awesome recipe for this pizza dip thing, too.

Yep, it was a good day.

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