Friday, July 21, 2006

Moms in town

I have two mothers in town. My maternal mother is in town to visit my sister & I. And also my pseudo-adopted mother, Kathy C., is in town to help her real son move in. She brought a couple Proverbs 31 women with her -- daughter Kimberly & Kimberly's friend, Jeannie. Sometimes it stinks having so many loved one's in town at one time because you don't quite get to spend enough time with any of them.

I'm sick. I have mucus built up in my chest, and I have a huge, whooping cough. It's annoying & to the point that it worries me -- I hope I don't get pneumonia.

I should have written it here before the British Open started so I could point to it & poke my chest out. But I told two separate people before the Open that Tiger would "win going away." While Ernie is close to him now, when Tiger gets leads like this in Major's, he is rarely caught. Chalk up major #11 for the prodigy.

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