Sunday, July 23, 2006


It's good to see old friends. I spent tonight at the Burleson's with, among others, Jeannie P., Kimberly C., and Kathy C. What a treat.

I'm not sure how to describe this sensation. It's not accurate for me to say, "I love preaching." I've heard Rick Warren talk about how he doesn't like to hear people say that. A person might simply be in love with being the center of attention, and that's why they love preaching. So it's not that, but I love preaching a sermon that really connects with people -- a sermon that speaks to a person's need, felt or not, so that the Word of God reaches down and pricks someone's heart. An old friend was at service today, and he came up to me afterward & thanked me for the sermon. Not your typical pleasantry. It's good to know that God uses my preaching to encourage & challenge his people in a deep way. I love that feeling.

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