Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Power 12

Because I have an opinion, and because Bob has no idea what he is doing, I'm introducing my Power 12. I doubt that I'll update it every week. But we've played enough football by now to begin judging the talent, so here goes.

Oh, and it's 12 because 'Bama has 12 National Championships ... in case you were wondering. ;-D

1. Ohio State -- Because they're consistent. Because they're supremely talented. Because they have a head coach who has done the deed before. And, quite simply, because I'd look stupid if I put anyone else in this spot.

2. Michigan -- Strength of schedule isn't all that great, but they are consistently winning comfortably. If they keep it up, it will be clear sailing until their showdown with the Buckeyes.

3. West Virginia -- They destroyed the reigning SEC Champs in the Sugar Bowl last year. Rich Rodriguez is an offensive guru ... and should be getting all the man-love that ESPN reserves for Urban Meyer. The Mountaineers are legit.

4. Florida -- They have looked good so far. Their test this weekend at Auburn & the annual Cocktail Party will be tough obstacles. But if they hurdle them both, I'll have to bump them up to #2.

5. Southern Cal -- They need to get their Booty in gear. Literally. Still, supremely talented & superior athletically to anyone they will face this season before the bowl game.

6. Tennessee -- SEC East is back on top with a couple SEC West Flops courtesy of Auburn & LSU. The Vols were unstoppable Saturday night against a good, athletic Georgia defense.

7. Texas -- Along with USC, Florida, & Ohio State, the only other school that legitimately recruits nation-wide. Dripping with talent & athleticism. Should roll through the rest of the Big XII.

8. Clemson -- Best offense in the ACC. And they have the best running back duo in the nation in Davis & Spiller.

9. Notre Dame -- Will win out at least until they face USC.

10. Auburn -- They were embarrassed by Arkansas. They will be fired up for the Gators.

11. Louisiville -- Some might think I'm ranking Bobby Petrino too low. However, no defense + playing with backups at QB & RB forces my hand.

12. LSU -- I'd put Cal here, except that SEC fans laugh at that prospect when you consider how they were manhandled at Tennessee. Have played pitiful offense in their two big early road tests (Auburn & Florida), and subsequently lost. Still, they may have the most talented roster of anyone in college football, so that's why they hang on here.

Knocking on the Door: Cal, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Missouri, Nebraska, and dare I say Rutgers


David Johnson said...

What do you think about Dissident Discipleship?

III said...

I really like it so far. I rarely pick up a book off the shelf unrecommended, but I did with this one. I was just hanging out at Books-A-Million & I liked it. And I could trust it wasn't fluff because the author teaches at Fuller. I like his writing style & haven't read anything I have vehemently disagreed with.

bob_turner said...


Please don't tell me that after a month I already have a rival network!

If you flipped Florida and WVa, and then inserted Louisville for Tennessee, your top 7 would be identical to mine.

Certainly based on strength of schedule Florida is better than Louisville (especially since you esteem one of Florida's victims, Tennessee, so highly).

As for the Vols, their placement will be validated as the season progresses. The Georgia team they recently beat is very, very un-SECish. They will have to beat some others to sell me.

bob_turner said...

meant to say West Virginia, not Louisville. Sorry.

III said...


Someone has to get it right. ;-D

West Virginia earned their high ranking due to being a legitimate offensive juggernaut, as well as smacking around last year's SEC Champion (Georgia) in the Sugar Bowl. I'm higher on Rich Rodriguez than I am on Urban Meyer. However, if Florida continues to flex it's muscle by beating Auburn & UGA, I'll move them up.

Anonymous said...

How come WVU gets ranked based on how they played last year?