Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Is anyone Guilty anymore?

I posted these thoughts earlier on a group blog that I'm a part of. I decided to expand those thoughts a little here.

Harold Reynolds plans to sue ESPN. Reynolds, a former analyst for Baseball Tonight, was fired (I believe) because he "allegedly" sexually harrassed a female co-worker at ESPN. "Allegedly," this was not the first incident. Therefore, he was dismissed. He denies the allegations, however, and plans on clearing his name.

(FWIW, Reynolds was my favorite ESPN personality. I love watching Baseball Tonight, and the show has not been the same without him. Guilty or not guilty, I hope he lands on his feet on some other baseball program, because the guy is fun to watch.)

My question is this: Is anyone guilty anymore? It seems that the order of our society is plausible deniability. Rafael Palmeiro didn't do steroids -- he tested positive due to sharing needles with Miguel Tejada, who gave him a B-12 shot. Floyd Landis never knowingly took steroids -- it was the alcohol he drank, the supplements he took, or any other of the half-dozen excuses he gave. Kenny Rogers didn't have pine tar on his hand -- that brown smudge you saw on TV was "dirt." John Kerry wasn't talking about all the troops who are honorably placing their lives on the line -- he was talking about George W. Bush.

In the immortal words of Cousin-Kissing John Stossel: "Give me a BREAK!"

I know it's shameful to confess and to admit that you did or said something wrong. But why don't people just own up & do it? And certainly, not all the publicly accused are necessarily guilty. But for the ones who are, honesty has become the last resort.

This frustrates me. I'm sick & tired of people peeing on my shoes & telling me that it's rain.


Anonymous said...

You probably haven't kept up with the Landis case, which is easy to do if you follow only the mass media. Since he received the data about what he was being accused of doing, he has consistently maintained that the positive result is botched lab work.

If you are interested in finding out more (from all perspectives) you can find a fairly complete ongoing report at

trust but verify


III said...

WOW! Gotta give TBV one thing: you guys are doing your homework.

Matt said...

I hate talking politics but I just can't resist this one.
Now John Kerry makes this comment about staying in college so you won't be dumb and in up in Iraq but that isn't what he meant! No, no...he was talking about Bush. Yeah, he slipped up on a Bush joke, that is what it was!

Wrong implies there is ultimate truth. People hate being wrong. Because wrong feels so bad, society has attempted to remove wrong from being true. Because wrong is no longer true there is no more need for guilt because everyone is right!

Anonymous said...

You are actually letting people pee on your shoes?

III said...

They told me it was a special kind of yellow rain!

Jordan said...

Best line is from TBV...

"Feetwasher gets snarky about people not taking responsibility."