Sunday, September 21, 2008

Power 12: Economic Meltdown Edition

1.) Southern Cal
2.) Florida
3.) Oklahoma
4.) Georgia
5.) Missouri
6.) LSU
7.) Alabama
I'm still not comfortable ranking them this high with shaky QB play. But with how physical the Tide plays, does anyone really want to line up against them?
8.) Texas
9.) Wisconsin
10.) BYU
Outscored opponents 103-0 the last two weeks. Gotta show 'em love.
11.) Penn State
12.) Ohio State
Buckeyes in full-scale rebuilding mode.


I had already bumped them out last week. But they still look physical & tough despite that silly offense they run.


East Carolina
It was a good run, Pirates. But that WVU win looks a lot less impressive now, and you gotta beat teams like N.C. State to stay in the Power 12.

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