Monday, September 29, 2008

WEEEEEE are the Champions...

What a satisfying sensation to log on this morning, go check on my fantasy baseball team, and find this staring back at me:

I'm the Champion
Click HERE to enlarge

(nodding my head...) It feels good. It feels good.

Its always a little bitter-sweet to me when fantasy baseball ends. For you fantasy football monkeys & other fantasy geeks out there, you must understand that fantasy baseball is superior. It is because baseball is a sport unlike any other in that they keep track of EVERYTHING statistically. Fantasy baseball is always a fun diversion for me, and generally just gives me something to look at & enjoy whenever I log on.

Plus, I dominate. Three championships in four years. Holla.

Do I let that go to my head? Maybe a little. :) But league-mate Dave kept me from getting too big of a superiority complex a few years ago when he said, "I think this just goes to show that nobody cares about fantasy baseball more than Philip."

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