Monday, September 01, 2008

Power 12

1.) Southern Cal
They look goo-oo-oo-oo-ood.

2.) Florida
A good, fast ballclub. Defense didn't look half-bad against Hawai'i, either. They may be a little soft, though.

3.) Oklahoma
The Sooners scored 50 in the first half of their cupcake opener.

4.) Ohio State
Buckeyes aren't as good with a hobbling Wells.

5.) Georgia
UGA keeps racking up the injuries.

6.) Missouri
Chase Daniel appears to be the real deal.

7.) Texas

8.) LSU
Bengal Tigers looked tough against App State.

9.) West Virginia
Conceded 21 points & 399 yards to Villanova. They can't play defense.

10.) Wisconsin

11.) Auburn
Spread Eagle Auburn meets Spread Eagle Southern Miss this weekend. Gotta root for my Dad's Alma Mater this weekend -- Go Golden Eagles!

12.) Alabama
'Bama isn't soft anymore. And they looked good enough Saturday night to compete right now. And yet, the conference is so good that they could finish third in their division.

(The SEC is just as dominant as it ever has been, or really as it ever will be. The ACC is going to start selling itself as a place where a championship program can be built. There is too much of a vaccuum there in the ACC & too much skill in the SEC for there not to be a coaching exodus over to that conference.)


Somebody wrote, "There's a decent chance they could lose their opening game of the season against a certain crimson-clad school." Does that count as an upset prediction? ;)

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