Thursday, October 16, 2008

And we'll see you Saturday Night!!

Rays 7
Sox 8

A big thanks to ALL the Sox... to J.D. Drew for the big hits, to Big Papi for coming back to life, to Masterson for getting a scoreless 9th when it could have slipped away, to the MVP "Destroia" Pedroia for that big double play, and to that big sweaty Jew Youkilis for scoring the winning run.

I love baseball.


Jordan said...

The resurrection of J D Drew in the minds of Sox fans is interesting to me. He was one of the most hated acquisitions at one point. Now the hero...

Mad Rappin EW said...

That was unbelievable. I had counted the Sox out but after seeing that finish how can you not believe they will come back and win with Beckett?