Sunday, October 12, 2008

Power 12: "You Can't Lose if You Don't Play" Edition

1.) Alabama
2.) Texas
3.) Penn State
4.) Southern California
5.) Florida
6.) Georgia
7.) Oklahoma
8.) Missouri
9.) LSU
10.) BYU
11.) Ohio State
12.) Texas Tech

Not Even Close to Knocking on the Door

They fired their Offensive Coordinator, but they're still rank on offense. Arkansas came into this game 87th in the nation in Total Defense & 112th in Scoring Defense, but Auburn totaled only 193 yards & one touchdown against them. I'm really starting to look forward to the Iron Bowl. :)


Jordan said...

In this poll you show me one of my pet peeves on college rankings. And that is this:

"Whoever loses first, wins"

That's right, losing early is much better than losing late. USC who lost to Oregon St. is ranked higher than Oklahoma who lost to Texas. In my book (and a few others) Texas is a tougher opponent than Oregon St. But, since USC lost a few weeks back, they should are ranked higher.

And this is not a personal criticism, it is a complaint with the whole college ranking business.

III said...

It's a fair point about the polls. But with my rankings, I rated the unquestioned top 3 undefeated teams, then I ranked the top 1-loss teams in order of who I think is best. USC was my preseason #1, and I still think they're better than the top 1-loss SEC & Big XII schools. Also, I still have Ohio State outside my top 10 even though they had their first loss before any of the one-loss teams ahead of them.