Monday, October 06, 2008

Power 12: The Post-VP Debate Edition

1.) Oklahoma
2.) Missouri
3.) Alabama
      This team rises & falls with the fragile psyche of John Parker Wilson. There were other issues Saturday for Alabama: a difficult day with penalties, turnovers, a general lack of intensity that you would expect in a let-down game. But whenever JPW is off, he's REALLY off. And whenever he's on, he can be pretty darn good. If the Tide can just get Dr. Jekyll to show up the right weeks & try to minimize the damage of Mr. Hyde, this fun little run could culminate in something special. But for ranking purposes, Oklahoma & Missouri just have better teams right now because they have superior QB play.
4.) LSU
5.) Texas
6.) Penn State
7.) Southern California
8.) BYU
9.) Florida
10.) Georgia
11.) Ohio State
12.) Texas Tech

KNOCKIN' ON THE DOOR... or should I say "'Dores"

Auburn's a MUCH easier team to beat when they don't play to their strength, which is just beating you physically. Totally panic move by Tuberville in the offseason to hire spread guru Tony Franklin as the offensive coordinator. He was trying to shake it up on the recruiting trail, because since Nick Saban showed up he's been beaten by Alabama for just about every quality kid on the recruiting trail. Auburn is in a decline, just as I predicted in my preseason haiku.

Oh, and that Bobby Johnson guy can coach. There are NO easy games in the SEC. None.


South Florida
Just a one-week appearance for the Bulls.

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