Saturday, October 18, 2008

Power 12: The "This is the Greatest Sports Month of the Calendar Year" Edition

1.) Texas
2.) Alabama
'Bama survived Ole Miss at home. Which is a lot more than the hallowed Tebow & the media's beloved Gators can say. And the Tide is 7-0 heading to Knoxville -- I never would have dreamed of that in the preseason. This is fun!
3.) Penn State
I liked the way they responded to adversity against Michigan. If they beat the Buckeyes in Columbus, I may move them up.
4.) Southern California
5.) Florida
6.) Oklahoma
7.) Georgia
8.) LSU
9.) Ohio State
10.) Texas Tech
11.) Oklahoma State
12.) Georgia Tech
The Jackets aren't really on anyone else's radar screen, but they're a tough team to beat.

Dropped Out

BYU & Missouri

Those spread offenses don't look so good against half-way decent football teams. And when you play the spread exclusively, your defenses tend to stink. That explains why both these teams got routed this week.

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