Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Celluloid Saturday

It's a lazy Saturday. College football is over, and I'm not much of a hoops fan. And even though it's a perfect day for golf, my sinuses have me feeling yucky. So, so far, it's been a day for straightening up around the house & catching movies on cable. I saw Serendipity for the first time earlier. Cute flick. I'm not above taking in the occasional chick flick. Not bad. I like John Cusack.

On right now is A League of Their Own. Just saw the classic Tom Hanks "There's no crying in baseball" speech. What a great actor. Although his best roles were long ago. My top 5 favorite Hanks roles:

1.) Forrest Gump - Forrest Gump
2.) Jimmy Dugan - A League of Their Own
3.) Capt. John Miller - Saving Private Ryan
4.) Chuck Noland - Cast Away
5.) Joe Fox - You've Got Mail

He's gotta be among the elite actors of my lifetime.

Gotta go now. He's about to give the "Its the 'hard' that makes it great" speech.


Jordan said...

Hard to whittle his top 5 down, which is saying something! For instance, how do you compare animated movies. You have to admit that Toy Story and The Polar Express are great roles for him. Road to Perdition and the Green Mile were both good. And then there were the chick flicks he was in like Sleepless in Seattle and my dad's favorite, You've Got Mail. How about the oldies like Big and The Money Pit. What an actor.

Jordan said...

I forgot Apollo 13... love that one

III said...

Well, I'm not really ranking the movies as much as I'm ranking how much I like the characters he's played over the course of his career. Those are just my 5 favorite.

1.) Just so lovable.
2.) Just a great character. And the "Its the 'hard' that makes it great" speech is one of the best movie lines of all time.
3.) You just have to admire that character so much.
4.) The humanity is so captivating. If you didn't cry with him when Wilson floated away, I don't know what to say about you.
5.) The transparency of this flick helps you identify with him so easily.