Thursday, February 14, 2008

Page 123

It is the internet sensation that is sweeping the blogosphere: page 123!! I was inadvertently tagged by one of my old college room-mates. Here's the deal:

Look on page 123 of a book.
Find the first 5 sentences
Post the next 3 sentences
Tag 5 people

The only reason I can consider that this isn't "page 535" (5 sentences, 3 sentences, 5 tagged friends) is because most folks don't own books that long. Still, if someone was geeky enough to come up with this silly little internet game, why didn't this person have an elitist "Well if that person doesn't have a book with 535 pages in it, they don't deserve to play anyway" kind of attitude? I waste time thinking about these kinds of things. And YOU just wasted time reading it. HA!

Tonight, I've selected Christ: No More, No Less by Milton Jones -- not because of any particular deep, soulful respect for the man or his work, but because it was merely the closest book to me.

"But with Paul grace is more than the message. The message is to be given with graciousness. Perhaps it will be this unique graciousness seen in relationships that will break down the walls of animosity toward the exclusive message of the gospel."

My... how strangely concise & amen-worthy.

I now tag the following individuals:


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