Monday, February 04, 2008

Sometimes You Can't Help Jealousy

You know, it takes effort not to envy. Whenever there are things you don't have that you want, the easy thing to do is to feel jealousy. Perhaps the most obvious example for me is being a single guy around married friends. I was with a couple married buddies last week who finally felt like they had to ask if their "marriage talk" was hard for me to handle. It's really not. I actually sort of take pride in being able to not be a third wheel. And I'm able to elevate my joy for others in place of whatever personal inadequacy or jealousy that might want to raise up.

Still, there are times where it's difficult to hold that jealousy back. This news story really got to me. A BLIND guy got an ace? Come on. I want one... :*(

(that was a tear)

The closest I ever came was a couple years ago. There's a local course at a place called Bay Point Resort that was called "Lagoon Legends." It's recently been re-named & re-designed (to make it easier), but it was at one time very difficult. It had a slope rating from the tips at over 130. There was always talk of possibly hosting a U.S. Open there. I never did break 90 on that course.

Anyway, one day right before the re-design, they were holding a special to pay $35 and play all you want. That is a RIDICULOUSLY awesome deal for this quality of course. Normal greens fee + cart for 18 holes on this course is somewhere in the $80-$120 range, depending on the time of year. We played 36 holes for $35 a piece and even got a free lunch somehow.

On the first 18, we got to this par 3 that was about 155 yards over water to a peninsula green. I dropped that ball right on the hole. I had 6 inches for the birdie, and the ball was right behind the hole in terms of direction back to the tee. I don't know how that ball ended up there, given the ball mark (directly in front of the hole). I couldn't figure out how that ball could land directly in front of the hole, end up directly behind the hole, and not go in the hole.


I've holed out from the fairway before. But never on a par 3. And I'm jealous of that stinkin' 92 year old blind guy. Even a blind hog finds an accorn every once in a while, but come on!

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