Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Pilgrimage

My friend Luke Norsworthy blogged the other day about having seen the new movie "The Bucket List." He also gave a list of a few items he would put on his own Bucket List, and encouraged others to post their lists. Then, today, one of my old college room-mates, Jamie Hooten, issued an invitation for me to visit Chicago & take in a ballgame anytime I wished.

My friends have inspired me to work toward achieving an item on my own bucket list: to visit the more prestigious Major League Ballparks in our United States. I cannot visit all of cathedrals dedicated to housing our Nation's Pastime in one trip. But I can take in a few of them!

I created a new blog dedicated to chronicling this adventure called "The Pilgrimage."

Here is the tentative schedule:

The Schedule

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