Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Latest Music Tastes

As I stated yesterday, I've been too serious & too political here lately. How about something frivolous! Here's a sampling of the tunes that have really caught my ear lately, in no particular order...

Nothin' Better to Do by LeAnn Rimes

That girl has some pipes! She & Mariah Carey have to be the best vocalists of my lifetime. I'm just mesmerized by that voice of her's. Listening to her sing that song is like watching Tiger Woods carve up a golf course. You know you're just witnessing a phenomenal talent.

Apologize (Instrumental Version) by Timbaland

That TV commercial for the Academy Award-nominated film Atonement encouraged me to download this song. What a captivating commercial. Anyway, it's a great sound. Timbaland surely knows how to put together a captivating sound.

Don't Stop the Music by Rihanna

Another song where the sound really mesmerizes & moves me. I haven't caught anything dirty in the lyrics yet. But it's just a catchy beat.

Sweet Caroline and Cracklin' Rosie by Neil Diamond

That guy has a great voice. Or at least had a great voice. He's old now.

"Sweet Caroline" has sort of been adopted by Red Sox fans as a favored tune to play in late innings at Fenway. So playing this song warms my heart by reminding me that baseball season is around the corner.

And They Praised God by Acappella

I've always thought that I'd like that verse on my tombstone. What greater testimony could you have? This song helps me reflect on my identity. Moving...

Bleed It Out by Linkin Park

They rock. Sometimes. I have to take them in doses.

Fix You by Coldplay

Okay, I'm a little behind I'll admit, but this song is majestic. That last minute & a half or so is just epic. It just washes over you like a comfortable wave of serenity. I don't know if I understand what I just wrote there, but it describes how I experience this song.

I'm Your Boogie Man by KC & The Sunshine Band

Hey, everyone has stuff in their iPod that they aren't proud of. I know it's not the prettiest picture in the world, but this movie makes me want to get up and, perish the thought, DANCE.


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