Friday, March 28, 2008

My Mama

Things aren't looking top swell after today.

Mom is still in the hospital. She's developed an infection of some kind, so the doctors are trying to treat that. They don't believe it is a staph infection; we think that she actually began developing it before she came to the hospital.

The most disconcerting development is that she's consistently seeing things that aren't there. And she remembers having seen them -- it's not something that comes & goes. In the hospital room, she sees paint chips and, literally, writing on the wall that are not there. She sees the paint chips falling all over her visitors' faces & hair. And says she could read the writing, though I haven't had a chance to ask her to read it yet.

Not sure if we're "near the end." Maybe it's just a rough spell. Have yet to actually speak with the oncologist(s) in the last couple days, so I don't know what the outlook or gameplan is.

I continue to ask for your prayers. Thanks everyone!


Lloyd said...

I love you bro.

Mark said...

hang in there. I know it's tough.