Monday, March 17, 2008

Pop-Culture Review

• This past week I've gotten caught into a new television series: Lost. I now understand the cultural intrigue. It's a well-written, well-acted show that incorporates drama & mystery in a captivating way.

There is one big problem I have with it, though: snakes. At the point I'm at in season three, 69 days since flight 815's crash date, I have yet to see a single snake. Giant polar bears. One tree frog. But no snakes. There's gotta be an explanation for that.

• So Lindsay Lohan apparently has a little sister that will be the next big thing. For tabloid fodder, at least. Her name is Ali Lohan. Although, I like the name that the ESPN Fantasy Focus Podcast gave her: "Jamie Lynn" Lohan.

• My NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket may be viewed HERE. Forewarning: I know very little about NCAA Basketball.

• This may not be the funniest 6 minutes you've ever seen, but it's pretty entertaining nevertheless:

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shyvioletgirl said...

I was hooked on Lost for the last 2 seasons but it didn't hook me this one. I am actually not watching any shows this season and I'm completely mystified and grateful.