Monday, March 10, 2008

Ten Thousand Days

Happy Birthday to me. No, it's not October 23rd -- the date of my birth. But it is a significant day in relation to my birth. At least it is to me...

Today I am exactly ten thousand days old.

So what does that have anything to do with anything? Well, as evidenced by the title of my blog, I'm a big fan of contemporary Christian music artist Bebo Norman. His music speaks to my soul. The title of Bebo's first album was "Ten Thousand Days." So I imagine that Bebo wrote the songs from this album at about the same age as I am today. And as I listen to that album today, it is an even richer experience because there is an existential bond with one of my favorite artists.

On that album is the song that is the namesake for this blog: "Where the Angels Sleep." In that song, like this blog, Bebo wrestles with cultural issues & life questions, both big & small. And to temper his anxiety over not having all the answers, he repeats the refrain, "And I don't know where the angels sleep." And there's this bridge toward the end of the song:

It's taken ten thousand days
To get stuck in my ways
And it offers no grace
I cannot stand this place
With love in my face
I walk away slowly

I like to think that Bebo & I are kindred spirits. At 27, most folks my age are partying & suckling all the pleasure out of the "benefits" that their age has to offer. Especially in this Spring Break party town. But like Bebo, and like Paul in Romans 8, I "groan" for something more.

So happy birthday to me. Ten thousand days down. Who knows how many more to go. But one day closer to my eternal reward.


Mark said...

Interesting. So how long have you been counting down to this?

III said...

About a year and a half