Thursday, April 24, 2008

All the Joys of Gambling; None of the Hazards

Have you ever secretly wanted to become a compulsive sports gambler? You know -- make lots of money off of your considerable sports knowledge? But ultimately decided that you'd rather not sleep in a gutter?

Well, have I got the web site for YOU!

I just found out about this cool web site called The web site gives you 10 cents right out of the gate. You try to build it up by betting that amount on sports games. You do not give them any credit card information or other personal financial information. Everything is paid for by ad revenue. So, no matter what, you will always have 10 cents. If you build it up to or beyond $20.00, you can cash out & they will send you a check of your winnings. Apparently, there are some individuals who have made it up to $400.

This will certainly become one of my new favorite web sites.

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Mark said...

Get behind me, Satan. :-)