Saturday, April 12, 2008

For My Buddy Lloyd

My friend Lloyd recently provided a humorous blog post that highlighted how networking sites that have your information use it to target you with demographic-specific ads. On MySpace, we're actually both listed as females. So instead of seeing the large & gaudy ad images of women on that site, we see large & gaudy ad images of topless men. As it just so happens, those latter images don't bother us in the least. ;)

Anyway, I noticed this one tonight as I was checking E-mail. How so very nice of Yahoo! Mail to provide such easy access to "someone special" ...

Someone Special
Looks like a Proverbs 31 gal indeed!

My other thought on these ads is how they provide the little boxes that say "I am a (Male/Female) seeking a (Male/Female)." I remember the first time I saw one of these, and goofed around to make it say "Male seeking a Male." I cackled as I marveled at the silliness of such an obvious programming error that would allow me to make such a ridiculous search.

Then I realized it wasn't a programming error and was grossed out.

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Lloyd said...

Lol... I think they might have just caught that girl mid-flatulence. I can only hope to land such a catch one day. The best one so far I saw last night on facebook. Not kidding here, it was titled "You like Asian girl?"