Sunday, August 31, 2008

America's Comedy Conference

I won't try to re-dress-up this nugget from Stewart Mandel's funny introduction to his column where he recaps Saturday's action. I'll just copy & paste it here. Hit the link to go read the entire column.


Another year, another glorious start for the nation's wannabe superconference. It began Thursday night with N.C. State's nationally televised 34-0 shellacking at the hands of South Carolina and continued Saturday with Virginia Tech (11-3 a year ago) falling to East Carolina, Virginia (9-4) losing 52-7 at home to USC and of course league favorite Clemson laying a colossal egg against Alabama in front of a national, prime-time audience.

However, the biggest blunder in ACC country Saturday took place in the sky. A pair of parachuters who were slated to deliver the game ball for North Carolina's opener against McNeese State inadvertently landed eight miles away -- at Duke's stadium. "In about five years," said concerned UNC associate AD Rick Steinbacher, "maybe this will be funny."

Oh no -- it's plenty funny right now.

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Jordan said...

Is there a way to trade Tennessee to the ACC? If you can find a workable deal, I would consider it.