Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sports Haiku's

A long time ago, while I was an undergraduate student at Harding University, the University of Florida had a football coach named Ron Zook. He was so hated that some Gator alumnus started a web site called My room-mate & I took much glee in the haiku's that were printed there about Ron Zook. Sadly, the web site has gone away, and I can't find those haiku's anymore. I just remember that one of the haiku's started with the line "Sucky Sucky Coach."

So, I thought I would bring back the very merry genre known as the sports haiku. Enjoy...

About the horrific former Texas Ranger pitcher Chan Ho Park
By Texas Ranger fan, Jordan Powell

Painful memories return
Park throws large beach ball to plate
The Ho has to go

Sucky Sucky Arm
If curve not dive into dirt
Ball flies over stands

About Brett Favre...

Bribing Brett to sit
Packer fans scratch their cheese-heads
Stay healthy, Aaron

About my beloved Crimson Tide...

Seniors really stink
but the Freshman really good
We will be lousy

About the hated Auburn Tigers...

Silly new offense
Can't recruit with the big boys
Tommy's end is near

Found on the Red Sox forum "The Sons of Sam Horn"

Jeter, anus-face
Jeter, Jeter, anus-face
Jeter, anus-face

About Manny Ramirez...

Way too much drama
More money for his mama
Hate like Osama

I hate Scott Boras
Pours honey in Manny's ear
Hope for small pay-day

About Joba Chamberlain...

A new Yank to hate
He's more homely than Babe Ruth
They like 'em ugly

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Sara Blouin Taylor said...

I loved the baseball ones. Particularly the Yanks ones.