Friday, January 04, 2008

Colbert Returns!

Stephen Colbert
Get Ready, America!
My very favorite political pundit returns Monday, January 7th. Stephen Colbert is crossing the picket lines to resume filming new episodes the best television program in the history of the Milky Way Galaxy, The Colbert Report (both T's are silent). Just in time for the New Hampshire primaries! I'll have no 24 & no new visits to The Office. But at least I'll have my man Stephen back to tell me what to think about the world & its news. This Presidential campaign will be a lot more fun with him around again.

In honor of his return, I'll be posting my favorite Colbert videos this weekend. They each come from Colbert's 434-part series, "Better Know a District." Today, Congressman Robert Wexler of Florida's 19th District. Make sure you hear him tell Colbert what "fun things" he likes to do...

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