Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

On Thursday, while summarizing the latest on the public media feud between Clemens & McNamee, I wrote:

All the skeletons are coming out of the closet with this one, folks. The 2008 Presidential Election has nothing on these guys!

So, today, news outlets are reporting that information McNamee reported to federal law enforcement officials has been leaked. Specifically, McNamee told investigators that Clemens had an abscess on his buttocks while injecting Clemens with 'roids in 1998. From the ESPN article:

While any injection can lead to an abscess, an anti-doping expert said steroid injections are more likely to trigger abscesses, according to the Times.

It's circumstantial evidence at best. It is one more piece of evidence, but it really doesn't do anything substantial to further McNamee's public claims against Clemens. This release was a shot across the bow. Clemens hurt McNamee with the taped phone call & released info about his alleged rape of a woman in Florida. McNamee is just trying to show that he's got the goods to return the favor. From an article in the NY Daily News:

"Brian knows a lot about Roger's moral character and knows a lot about his extracurricular activities," said Earl Ward, McNamee's lawyer. "There's a lot that he could say to damage Roger's reputation, but we plan on taking the high road.


Attempts to smear McNamee could backfire, said Ward. McNamee worked with and knew Clemens over a significant stretch of time, the attorney said, and McNamee knows a great deal about Clemens' character as well, issues that can arise in a defamation suit.

"Brian knows a lot about Roger's moral character and if some of this stuff were to come out, Roger Clemens would look very, very, very bad," Ward said. "What does it all mean, in terms of our legal strategy? I think it's something that we'll look at in any defamation suit."

"High Road?" Yeah right.

Every little secret. Every embarrassing detail. Every speck of dirt under every fingernail will see the light of day before this feud is settled.


Floydius said...

I know the name Roger Clemens and that he's a baseball player. That's about it. I have no idea who McNamee is.

I'm no doctor, but I can't imagine having an abscess anywhere near your butt would be good.

III said...

All you really need to know is that this is about to turn into "The Days of Our Lives." This will be a compelling drama that will be played out in the media.

McNamee has us all talking about Clemens' hind parts. And Clemens, I'm sure, will be the butt of many jokes in the coming week.

And I find it all fascinating.